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Buy flights to Prague

You can buy ticket for flight from Boryspil Airport to Prague on the web-site using online flights booking form. This is the fastest and the cheapest way to buy travel documents. Also you can order SkyBus bus transfer between Boryspil and Kiev for minimal price.

You have to use automatic ticket ordering system in online regime to buy flights from Boryspil to any other airport. This system has maximally easy-to-use interface.

In case if there will be any questions about how to book or to buy ticket, you can contact our support service and to get all the necessary information about the international flights from the main Ukrainian airports: Kiev, Lvov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk.

Book flight

It is very easy to order flights from Boryspil International Airport to Prague:

1. Choose airports of departure and arrival, appropriate dates and number of tickets you want to buy.

2. Tickets available for the selling on the chosen date will be automatically selected by the system. All the variants will be shown on the screen in the column depending on price.

3. Choose the appropriate flight, class of the seat, book a ticket (for free) and decide what way of payment is the most convenient for you.


Buy flight from Boryspil

You have to follow the instruction to buy tickets for flight "Boryspil - Prague":

1. There are three tabs in top of searching form: "One way", "Roundtrip" and "Complex flight". You have to choose first or second tab.

2. In the line "From" you have to mark city of departure or code of the airport (it is convenient if there are few airports in the city);

3. In the line "Departure" you have to mark an expected date of departure from Boryspil (required) and time of departure (optional).

4. In the line "Where" you have to mark city and code of the airport you want to arrive.

5. The line "Back flight" is active in case the "Round trip" tab has been chosen. You also have to mark date and time of departure in this line.

6. Flight for 1 passenger is automatically marked in the line "Passengers". If to push the down arrow in the end of the line, you will be shown all the variants: tickets for children, young people, old people and so on. Also you will see the number of seats (but not more then 6). This data can have an influence on the price, because of the flexible discount system for students and pensioners, for the groups. This means these categories of passengers can buy tickets for lower prices.

7. In the filed "Carrier" you can choose an airline, which services you want to use.

8. In the field "Class" you have to choose the class you want to fly (all, economy, business or first).

9. If you are interested only in direct flights from Boryspil Airport, you have to mark corresponding line. Otherwise, the system will show all the existing variants including flights with change.

10. When all the fields will be filled in, you have to push "Search" button and the system will skip to the page, where all the existing flights will be shown (from the cheapest to the most expensive). In the line will be shown codes of the airports, time of departure and arrival, number of tickets and price.

11. To get more information about the route, you have to push the button "Show variants". After this there will appear a tab, where different flights from transit airports will be shown. You have to mark an appropriate line and to push the button "Booking".

12. The next step of the system - skip to the page, where the datas about passenger, buyer and ways of payment for flight are to be marked. It is necessary to tick the line "I agree with terms". It is necessary if you want to buy ticket via Internet.

13. Push the button "Confirm". You request will be processed by the online-system during a few seconds.

The cost of flights to Prague

Ticket price depends on airline, flights regularity and also on the chosen way of payment and possibility of refund.

It is possible to book flight to Prague on the web-site for free. But if you are choosing the cheapest tickets, you have to learn the rules of refund. It is necessary for cases if you want to cancel or transfer your trip.

All consultations about prices for flights to Czech and calculation of their costs as well as information about the rules of travel documents purchasing can be received by the telephone or in the office.

Also you can pay for the tickets with the help of bankcard via the web-site and to use our flexible discount system proposed by our company and carrier. For example, there are permanent discounts for students and pensioners. Also you can have a huge saving if to buy round trip flight or tickets for group of passenger (up to 6 people).

If you have any questions or you need some help, please call our support service managers and leave request for individual order or consultation by the telephone.

Delivery of air-tickets

If you are not able to issue a air-ticket online, use an additional service - buy a ticket to Czech with the delivery service. To do this you need to book a ticket over the phone, pay for it with a credit card in the terminal or in the box office agent. For Kiev and region air-tickets can be delivered by courier, for the territory of Ukraine - by mail or special service of express delivery.

We hope that is the advanced service sales of passenger transport provided by the site skybus.kiev.ua - will continue to easy and cheap to buy air-tickets to any airport in the world.