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How to purchase bus tickets

A passenger can book a seat and buy a bus ticket in several ways:

  • - on-line through the site with the help of credit card;
  • - in 'Kiyavia' booking-offices in terminals B and F of Boryspil airport
  • - through payment terminal of PrivatBank and "Bank24" network;
  • - in branches of PrivatBank;
  • - in the booking office of partners.

To book and/or purchase tickets on-line enter the system. Fill-in the forms, following instructions. Having paid for the trip with the help of credit card, the user will receive by e-mail the Route Sheet of Passenger. It is necessary to print it and show the driver when boarding the Sky Bus. The driver removes the Sheet with the ticket (financial document, for accounting reporting).

Having any bank card, you can book bus ticket through the site and then buy it in Payment terminal or in a booking-office of partners’ network.

To purchase a bus ticket from a payment - terminal of "Bank24" network choose service (press button) "Автобусні квитки". The terminal offers to choose one of two options: "Покупка автобусних квитків" and "Викуп заброньованих місць". If you have booked seats on web-site, choose the option "Викуп...", enter the code of your reservation, check the accuracy of the information on the booked trip, insert money and get the ticket. If you have not booked sits, choose the option "Покупка...". Select in the opening forms the point of departure and arrival (for example, "Київ" and "Бориспіль аеропорт'"), date of trip and the number of seats. The system will show you all the trips on the selected date. Select suitable trip, insert money and get the ticket. A ticket issued by Payment terminal is a financial document. Note: Payment terminals do not pay back the rest. From the rest can be credited the account of your mobile phone or paid any other service from those proposed by the terminal.

When several tickets booked and then purchased from Payment terminal, every ticket purchased separately with the original code. When several seats paid from Payment terminal without previous booking by one person for the same trip, one ticket will be issued for all the seats.

Addresses of "Bank24" Payment terminals in your city:

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Also someone can purchase a bus ticket (previously booked or without booking) in the booking offices of our partners (travel agencies, hotels, airline booking offices, etc.)

The addresses of the partners in your city:


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You can also buy a ticket for SkyBus directly in the airport in the Kiyavia booking-offices. Kiyavia booking-offices are located in Terminal F and B. In Terminal B Kiyavia is located to the left of the exit, in line with the offices of airlines. In Terminal F Kiyavia is located to the right of the exit from the terminal building. In addition to tickets for SkyBus in Kiyavia you can buy the tickets to other directions - in Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Mariupol, Lvov, Zhitomir, Lutsk, Rovno, Odessa, Kharkiv and other cities.

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