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Bus tickets in Ukraine. Tickets for intercity buses

Convenient way to reach your destination is to use bus transport. Book and buy a ticket for the bus transportation in Ukraine and even abroad you can on this site. To do this, select a point of departure, point of arrival and date, select the number of passengers. Some carriers offer discounts for children, students, seniors and even groups. To search for discounts, just press + in the form to make a date of birth and student ticket number (national or international standard, such as: student ISIC).

In the online system, you can find information about the route, the carrier, his vehicle and the cost of transportation and arrival (this information is displayed on the site, and in the ticket).
Number of bus carriers joining the system increases every day, so if today you do not find your desired route or will not be enough places – try later (maybe someone booked a place, not bought it before the end of booking term, and it returned to the free market).

Rules for filling in the search form and geting your tickets for routes on the territory of Ukraine

To buy tickets online, you must choose a city from which you will be departing, as well as the travel date and destination.

To order tickets for the routes you should:

1. Choose a city

2. Select the travel date, and the desired time interval for selection.

3. Click "Find and schedule"

4. Select from the list of routes and order.

5. Fill in all the contact details in the expanded form (name, phone number and E-mail address must be actual).

6. If you book the tickets for several passengers (group tour), click the "discount".

7. Click the "Book Now".

Either directly buy with a credit card using the Internet Banking.

8. The system will book tickets immediately.

9. You get on an e-mail - a letter of confirmation and payment methods valid for the order which you want to use to pay for a ticket.


Pre-order on the site makes it possible subsequently to pay for the ticket with complete confidence that the seat in the bus will be reserved for you.

Also, you can just buy a ticket at the ticket office of the Bank without the pre-booked reservations.

To do this, you need to come to the bank and just say over what kind of system you want to buy a bus ticket.

Buy bus tickets using the Internet directly from a personal computer, and when ordering in advance is not necessary to go to the bus station, after a check from a bank payment terminal or receipt of order paid through cash - is required when boarding a bus with printed reservation form. And when you pay via personalized bank card Passenger Itinerary Receipt is to be printed and all that is necessary is to show it to the bus driver.

Before the trip, you can call customer support for questions and for advice and references on regular bus services.

How to buy bus tickets

In order to buy a ticket - there are multiple methods of payment:

1. using payment terminals "Bank 24" after booking on the site;

2. to buy a bus ticket in payment terminals "Bank 24" (see addresses of the terminals);

3. in travel agencies offices in all cities of Ukraine (see the partners office);

4. via bank card Visa/Mastercard through acquiring Privat.

5. buy bus tickets at the box offices and in the self-service terminals of "PrivatBank". (See address locations in the cities of Ukraine).

All forms of print-outs from the internet and types of tickets you can immediately go on board the bus with:

MM1 paper ticket is printed when the sale is made at the agencies offices - is a travel and financial document for domestic and international routes.

Bank ticket-receipt (check) - issued for payment through bank payment terminal "Bank 24" (National Credit Bank). Is a travel and financial document.

Booking List. After booking, BL can immediately be printed or saved as a copy - it comes in addition to the specified e-mail. Route number and date of purchase are necessary to buy tickets in cashes, travel agencies and to enter information, in order to buy in a self-service terminals.

Passenger Itinerary Receipt - travel document, obtained through the Internet. It should be printed after the payment via Internet acquiring. A copy of the PIR after the payment comes to e-mail. It is to be presented when boarding the bus. Itinerary Receipt is not a financial document, therefore, if necessary, please ask some financial document on a bus or at the ticket offices.

The ticket-receipt is issued by terminals of "PrivatBank" - is a travel and financial document.

For 2 days or less prior to departure, usually reservation function is not available.

Time foreclosure booked seat on the bus is determined by the carrier (usually 48 hours before the departure) and is displayed in the Booking List.

1 day - you can buy tickets directly (without booking on the site) in the terminals "Bank24" and in “PrivatBank” offices.

(For example, terminals are available at all metro stations in Kiev, and “PrivateBank” offices can be founded in all cities of Ukraine).

The order of booking, payment and ticketing

On the site it is possible to order and buy online tickets for long-distance bus transportations and routes to most of the cities of Ukraine.

The procedure of processing the application:

1. Application will be processed automatically. If necessary, the specialist will contact at the coordinates specified in the application (by phone and e-mail).

2. After booking ticket booking confirmation will be sent. It indicates the exact price of your order and the period within which shall be made full payment.

3. Confirmed ticket price cannot be different from that indicated on the site, including the change of tariffs by the carrier.

4. After payment e-tickets and boarding passenger seats (in the bus) are made out. It confirms the purchase of the trip.

Getting a paper ticket is not required.

Check, receipt or printout will be sent to the customer by e-mail, and issued in payment centers, depending on the method of payment for the ticket on the bus.

How to pay for a bus ticket after booking:

After receipt of payment, the status of your order will go to the client partition. After that, you can call support service and ask the necessary information about the location of the station, confirmation or cancellation of route, etc.

Buses in Ukraine

Ukraine is the populous country with a large territory and an extensive network of roads. Therefore, bus transportations have highly developed an important social role in connecting all the settlements of Ukraine. Bus transport is most accessible to the public, as it is one of the cheapest kinds of transportations. On the buses there discounts for children, students, groups. There is a free pass for the most vulnerable groups. The government strictly monitors the implementation of all requirements of bus transport security.

The largest carriers and service centers are bus stations. There are regional associations of bus stations whose work is coordinated by a single center. The largest union: public and municipal Kievpasservis Kievpasstrans (bus stations "Vidubichi", "Dachnaya"). In addition to state and municipal bus stations, in Ukraine there are associations of bus stations – they are DOPAS (Dnepropetrovsk Union of Passenger Bus Stations), Poltava, Kharkiv, Sumy, Kharkov, Crimea, Kherson, Nikolaev, Odessa and other associations.

Combined bus stations include local bus network, connected by one system of control and sales. Local sales system are to allow to sell bus tickets online, keep statistics on aging schedules of transportations, to inform the public about the services of carriers: the timetable, ticket price, type and comfort class of the bus and other.

The Central Bus Station in Kiev

The Central Bus Station of Kiev is located in the Moscow square. Address bus station: Avenue of Science, 1/2, Kiev, Ukraine, code 03039, the bus station is located near the new metro station "Demievskaya." Bus routes serviced by the bus station "Central" come and go to almost all the cities and towns of Ukraine. Kiev Central Bus Station - one of the most powerful transits of Ukraine, pass through it every day thousands of passengers arriving at Boryspil and Juliani airports, coming by train to the capital of Ukraine and the following. Flows of labor, ethnic and business migration are served by the bus station.

There are several major areas of traffic served by the central bus station in Kiev.

In the south of Kiev sends buses to Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson. There are buses from Kiev to Tatarbunary, Ovidiopol, Zatoka, Belgorod-Dniester, Bolhrad.
There are buses from Kiev to Krasnohrad, Poltava, Kharkov. There is a route to Mariupol. Mariupol Auto transporter operates routes from Kiev to Dnepropetrovsk, Melitopol, Berdyansk, Mariupol.

To the west are going buses from Kiev to the bus stations by Vasilkovtransavto routes, Convoy, UkrBus in Zhitomir, Khmelnitsky, Truskavets, Khmelnik. In those cities, many hospitals and recreation centers. You can always buy tickets for the bus to the western regions in Yaremche, Chernivtsi, Verkhovyna. These routes go in winter skiers. Tourists can book routes to the historic and cultural center of western Ukraine: Lviv, in Dubno, in Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi.

Geography of bus routes from the capital of Ukraine covers all major cities and towns of Ukraine. To view the schedule of routes is not enough, and hundreds of pages. Therefore, developing modern technology for electronic use of Internet to get the information you need.

The following is a summary of the schedule and the cost of a bus ticket in the main routes from Kiev:

Bus Kiev - Dnepropetrovsk. Tickets from UAH 220;
Bus Kiev - Odessa. The ticket price of 220 UAH;
Bus Kiev - Mariupol. Ticket price - 390 UAH;
Bus Kiev - Zaporizhzhya. Ticket price - 230 UAH;
Bus Kiev - Bukovel. Ticket price - 380 UAH;
Kiev - Truskavec. Ticket price - 320 UAH;
Kiev - Yaremche. Ticket price - 240 UAH;
Kiev - Belgorod-Dnestrovsk - 250 UAH;
From Kiev to Berdyansk and Melitopol - 360 UAH;
Bus Kiev - Vladimir-Volynnskiy - 220 UAH;
To Dneprodzerzhisk and Tokmak - 210 UAH;
Bus Kiev – Lviv. Ticket price - 220 UAH;
Bus Kiev - Ternopil, Ticket price - 225 UAH;
Bus Kiev - Ivano-Frankivsk - 260 UAH;
Bus Kiev - Kamenetz-Podolsk - 190 UAH;
Buses to Khmelnitsky. Price - 150 UAH;
Buses to Kirovograd. Price - 215 UAH;
Bus Kiev – Chernivtsi. Ticket price - 222 UAH.
Bus tickets Odessa - Boryspil airport. Price - 221 UAH.
Bus tickets Dnepropetrovsk - Boryspil airport. Price - 215 UAH.
Bus tickets Mariupol - Boryspil airport. Price - 370 UAH.

Exact prices are contained in the online system and displayed when booking tickets.

Depending on the routes or the season - changes in the prices of the tickets, as well as changes in the directions.

The main airport of Ukraine

There is a judgment of the Boryspil airport on conditions for motor carriers at the airport. So organized check-in and parking of buses, equipped with seats for passengers waiting for the flight. Next year will be created bus station at the Boryspil airport, which will contribute to the development not only of bus transport, but the transport industry as a whole.

Boryspil bus station (intercity bus terminal) - creates the conditions for a comfortable trip to Ukraine – after coming by plane to Boryspil you can reach by direct bus to most of the surrounding areas of Ukraine, in many regional centers and even the cities of the Crimea.

Bus station "Vidubichi"

One of the factors in the development of regular passenger road transport reconstruction shows the bus station "Vidubichi." Currently, the reconstruction is completed, and monthly bus transportations are constantly increasing. Bus schedule is so saturated that every 10-15 minutes, the departure routes, buses on suburban, and interregional routes. Bus tickets for buses departing from the bus station "Vidubichi" you can buy in the terminals "Bank 24" terminals and offices, "PrivatBank” offices, in travel agencies and airline agencies! The bus station is in step with the times and from the 2012 it is possible to buy tickets from the bus station "Vidubichi" using the Internet.