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The bus trip to Europe is always interesting and informative, even if it is not the first and not a touristic one. When buying tickets for an international route, you will not just trip by comfortably European roads by at least a comfortable European bus but also to see a lot of beautiful scenery, passing through picturesque villages, towns and cities, to visit many interesting places.

Traditionally, the most popular areas in which Ukrainians are traveling by bus, are Germany, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland and Belarus.

In order to meet the requirements of modern passenger has to be a whole transport infrastructure. Now tickets to all kinds of transportation you can book and buy using the Internet from home, and arrange transportation to the final destination from the airport or train station.

It is very important to choose the right kind of transport, a comprehensive data on the schedule of all types of transport (if necessary to change), to receive timely information about delayed routes, after all, have no guarantee of its security and insurance. Higher demands are put forward when traveling long distances across most of Europe, especially in comfort and safety.

Trips abroad have now become more popular, mainly due to an affordable price, efficiency and independence from external infrastructure.

International passenger bus transportation

For various categories of passengers is needed specially equipped buses. So, for example, to transfer to the airport to provide accommodation of baggage and provide people with the necessary informational support.

For long trips need long-haul bus with comfortable seats, air conditioning, toilet, mini-bar, audio and video equipment, etc.

Large operators of international bus transportations are ready to higher costs when buying a quality public transport, ensuring the success of the company and a lot of satisfied customers around the world.

Pre-booking of tickets:

The site in the online service to pre-book tickets for routws. Operation of booking lasts for a limited time and is only possible if the route is departing not less than after 48 hours.

Leaf reservation is needed in case that the payment is made through cash and travel agencies, and for payment by the payment terminal enough to record only the number of reservations.

How to book tickets to Europe online at skybus.kiev.ua:

In the "Reservation and booking" select the point of departure (country and city), point of destination (country and city) and the estimated date of departure.

Click - "Search"

The screen shows the possible destinations in the system.

Mark your desired route.

Click the "Perform".

Fill in the following form field line.

Click to book. You will receive a Booking List by email.

Samples of tickets:

Depending on how to access the ticket purchase, there are several types of bus tickets, which are equal and shall be produced on the bus:

Ticket number 1 - the travel document issued at the office of the company;

Ticket number 2 - a receipt issued by the bank when paying using the payment terminal by the number of booking list;

Ticket number 3 - the travel document will be sent by e-mail as a file after paying by bank card online, shall be printed;

Ticket number 4 - Receipt of payment of the ticket issued by the cashier of "PrivatBank".

How to pay:

- In cash at the central office;

- By credit card Visa / Mastercard through acquiring;

- Purchase tickets at the office of "PrivateBank" without reservation;

- Buy the ticket by the booking number in payment terminals "Bank24";

- In all-Ukrainian network of offices and agencies by the booking number.

Features of buying tickets online

To purchase tickets online after booking (see above), click "Checkout"

Name and surname of the passenger must be entered only in Latin letters (as in your passport).

Phone number and E-mail address must be specified correctly.

For travel on international routes shall be specified details of passport and visa.

The system automatically displays the information about the route, motion graphics, and international bus fares.

The discount amount for special categories of passengers is automatically made on the basis of the time of booking or buying a ticket data: age, or social status, or the number of tickets in the order.

Reservation and ticketing by the system is around the clock, but it is processed by the support office during business hours (09:00 AM - 06:00 PM).

Ticket price in the Booking shall not be different from the real price, except for changes in the price unilaterally by the carrier.

Upon payment for the ticket in our system is a change of the status of the ticket, then there is automatic back seat. When boarding the bus client must present a printout (electronic ticket) or a ticket-receipt issued by the terminal or the bank. Getting tickets for the special protective forms made only in the central office (or the subject of delivery). E-tickets when paying by credit card online at the site sent to the customer by e-mail automatically.

In case that the buyer did not receive an e-mail with Itinerary receipt or a sheet of booking, you must contact customer service (call-center) and request to repeat an operation.

The tickets may be changed if there are other routes and availability, it shall be paid in addition to depending on the time remaining before departure.

Refund of unused travel documents in case of cancellation of a trip by the passenger is made under current legislation, there may be deducted agent percent commission.

Special conditions when traveling the international bus in European countries

Boarding the bus, which should be on an international route ends 10 minutes before departure, so every passenger agrees to come to the site in advance.

Allowable amount of baggage weight are different according to the rules of each carrier. Oversized baggage shall be handed over to the luggage compartment.

Number of seat in the routes is provided according to the ticket, but can be changed prior to departure at the request of the passenger or carrier.

When boarding the driver has the right to check the passenger's documents: passport and visa.

International buses are equipped with biochemical toilets with wash basin, but their use may be restricted. During the trip, allowed to use the kettle, TV, headphones, etc.

International buses

In Germany: bus tickets Kiev-Dortmund - price 1050 UAH., Kiev-Dresden - 1050 UAH., Kiev Dusseldorf - 1050 UAH., As well as in cities in Germany: Leipzig, Erfurt, Kassel, Cologne, Essen, Koblenz and Trier.

In the Czech Republic: bus tickets from Kiev to Prague - the price of 750 UAH., Kiev-Karlovy Vary - the price of 870 UAH, and the cities of the Czech Republic: Krakovets, Frydek Mistek, Brno, Olomouc, Plzeň and Hradec Kralove, Liberec and Mlada Boleslav.

In Italy: bus tickets Kiev - Naples or Rome - the price is 1800 UAH, Kiev - Milan - 1800 UAH, Kiev-Florence - 1800 UAH, Kiev-Venice - 1800 UAH. And in the cities of Italy: Rimini, Ancona, San Benedetto del Tronto, Pescara, Bologna, Venice, Verona, Turin, Udine and Genoa.

In Russia: bus tickets from Kiev to Moscow, the price of 450 - 600 UAH, Lviv – Moscow – price - 850 UAH. As well as to cities in Russia: Kursk, Orel, Tula from cities of Ukraine - Sumy, Rivne, Zhytomyr.

France: bus tickets Kiev-Paris - price 2300 UAH. As well as the cities of France: Strasbourg, Metz, Reims and Lille.

In Greece: bus tickets Kiev-Athens - price 1300 UAH. Buses Kiev Thessaloniki - price 1800 UAH per ticket.

In Poland: Lublin, Radom, Zakopane, Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Helm. Tickets from 300 UAH.

Bus tickets to Europe can be bought online and pay with credit or debit card over the Internet or to book a route on the international bus, get booking list - to submit the documents to the embassy for a visa (Schengen). Tickets can also be bought in payment terminals, in thousands of bank branches or at the box office only by the reservation number. Buses in Europe, as a rule, go to the large Ukrainian city bus terminals and electronic ticket, the address of the bus station and a contact number of support service. Travel by bus should be comfortable for long trips because of the extra set of service equipment for passengers, toilet, kettle, TV, video, CD player and other stops in the territory of transit states if necessary, but generally passengers who bought tickets for the international bus can only go to the final point of arrival specified in the ticket, landing of a passenger in the other European countries not listed on the ticket - not allowed.

Stopping place in the transit countries

It is established that the driver must make technical stop not less than once within 6 hours. Determines the duration of the stop the driver. During transit stops every passenger has to return the chair to its original position.

In the territory of transit countries are not allowed to go out of the route, to leave any items during the stay.

Passing the border on international routes

For customs and border control passengers are not allowed to enter into negotiations with employees and conduct video. At the border control bus passengers must present their documents and, if necessary, the baggage for inspection. Rules of baggage carried on subject to regulations of Customs.

Guidelines for passenger coaches:

It is not allowed in the bus to smoke and drink alcohol.

Getting around the cabin during the bus is not welcome.

Baggage must be placed in a specially-equipped areas, not in the aisle.

Not allowed to talk to the driver of international routes during the movement.

Not allowed to throw garbage on the bus.

Damage to property or equipment leads to the penalties for passenger.

At any time of the visit, accompanied by a driver can refuse to continue the trip, if it is found a significant discrepancy in the documents of the passenger, violated the rules of baggage, or in the case of improper behavior passenger during the flight.

Increasingly Ukrainians prefer to travel the world, independently planning a trip. They develop a route, book hotels, buy tickets for buses, trains or planes, organize transfers to and from airport, etc.

Although time has passed extensive travel, but today many of our fellow citizens sit on international buses and travel to Germany in search of experience or work, to visit friends or relatives or for business.
The bus trip will leave a lasting memory of your great impression, especially because the organizers have taken care of your convenience and comfort, thinking through all the details.

Comfortable international buses in Germany have toilets, wash basin, the cabin has a TV and a minibar.

But there are things which the passenger should take care of. To come up with a good sleep put something under your head. Take with you plastic thermocup as the bus boiling issued during parking. In the salon bring a small bag with everything you need. It should be single-use tea bags, sugar and coffee in the stickers, dry and wet wipes and toiletries, warm clothes or a small blanket. At hand should be small change for the money: the toilets in Ukraine and CIS. Parking is regulated according to the route, stay in Poland or other intermediate points you can not. On the road there are traffic jams and delays at customs.

So take a book, a newspaper or a game. Carefully fill in all the items of the customs declaration, to avoid problems with the baggage.

Learn about the price of travel and information about following a bus route on our website.

Here you are provided with the service order and booking tickets for all international routes to and within the framework of the official international passenger traffic.